Homicide Detectives Probe Explosion That Injured Woman

Pipe Bomb Explosion In Rancho San Diego Seriously Injured Connie Hoagland, 52

A spokesperson for the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said on Monday that homicide detectives have now entered the investigation into a pipe bombing that seriously injured a local woman.

The pipe bomb exploded last Thursday when Connie Hoagland, 52, turned the ignition in her truck which was parked near a day care center in Rancho San Diego.

On Monday, at the photography business Connie's husband, Larry Hoagland, co-owns with two others, detectives sifted through business documents and attempted to make sense of three pipe bomb incidents that occurred in the last four weeks.

10News asked Sheriff Bill Gore if the three events are linked.

"We have not made a direct connection yet but those are obviously leads that we're covering," he said. "Are there enough similarities? Not that I can discuss at this time. It just wouldn't be appropriate."

When asked if the Hoagland bomb was detonated remotely, Gore said, "We have a lot of that information we've developed since it occurred, but it's not appropriate to discuss on camera."

The other two partners in the photo studio are Jim Coit and Dick Van Patten. Coit has not been seen around the offices since Monday when he reportedly left in an unmarked sedan. 10News went by Coit's Carmel Valley home and Van Patten's Clairemont Mesa home but no one answered at either.

At the Hoagland home, Connie's daughter Jill, who 10News spoke with on the night of the explosion, said the family did not want to comment.

Hoagland's church released a statement that said in part, "She [Connie] is in good spirits today. The doctors shared that she will have more surgery over the next few days so that she can fully recover from her injuries."

The Rancho San Diego day care center, which was just yards from last Thursday's explosion, is still closed. The owners said they want to make sure the children are safe and they are waiting to hear from investigators before re-opening.