Homeless man who tried to abduct Little League baseball player at practice sentenced to jail

Jarrod West claimed to be 7-year-old boy's dad

SAN DIEGO - A man was sentenced Thursday afternoon for trying to kidnap a Little League baseball player at an Ocean Beach field earlier this year.

As part of a plea agreement, Jarrod West pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and will serve one year in jail, followed by two years of mandatory supervision.

"That's my baby brother, it's painful," Vickie West-Wysingle said of her brother.

In February, West was arrested after police said he tried to abduct a 7-year-old boy at Robb Field. According to police, West tried to kidnap the boy from the field during practice, claiming he was the player's father.

However, coach Scott Hedenkamp intervened.

"The kid tells me, 'That's not my dad! I don't know this man!' and he started crying hysterically," said Hedenkamp.

Hedenkamp protected the 7-year-old until police came to arrest West.

West was labeled an alcoholic by his sisters and Judge Robert O'Neill, who noted nearly a dozen arrests -- most for being drunk in public.

West-Wysingle told 10News after the hearing, "I show my emotions. I wear my emotions on my sleeve so it's hard to hold it back. That's the baby of the family so it's very hurtful. I'm glad he's going to get help for his alcohol abuse."

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