Home where Betty Broderick killed ex-husband, his new wife now up for sale

SAN DIEGO - It is the scene of one San Diego's most cold-blooded double murders.

10News has learned the home where Betty Broderick killed her ex-husband and his new wife is up for sale.

By law, the seller has the obligation to tell potential buyers of a death that has happened in a home in the last three years.

Memories of that November day in 1989 are still vivid for Linda Walter.

"I remember in the morning taking a walk with my Great Dane and it was about 7 in the morning," she said.

Walter rattled off details as if it were yesterday.

"And there were two cars, three people. One was a sheriff," she said.

Later that day, two bodies were rolled out, newlyweds Dan and Linda Broderick. Dan's ex-wife Betty, a La Jolla socialite, had emptied her .38 pistol on them. Before that, the bitter ex-wife rammed her car right through the front of the Marston Hills home.

David Catton's best friend now owns the home on Cypress Avenue. He showed 10News the spot still visible on the house.

"Right here, you can see there's this discoloration which is still a repair job from when Betty rammed her car in here," he said.

Catton added, "It is a very warm house which is a little ironic considering the tragedy that happened there. The upstairs where it happened has been remodeled, so the bed is no longer where the bed was."

Neighbors do not believe the notorious, cold-blooded murders at the hands of Betty Broderick more than 24 years ago will spook potential buyers.

The asking price is $2.1 million. Now, this colonial estate awaits its fifth owner since that grisly scene that captured national headlines.

A real estate lawyer told 10News historically, tragedies like this one in a home do not have any effect on the home's appraisal value or the ability to sell it.

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