Historians, Chula Vista residents hope to save city's last remaining farmlands

Strawberry fields located at Main St., Fourth Ave.

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - There is one last-ditch effort to save the last farmland in Chula Vista.

On Wednesday, the Chula Vista Historic Preservation Commission discussed ways to save the strawberry fields located on Main Street and Fourth Avenue.

"Maybe just a few acres can be set aside for a farm with a little shed where it used to be," said historian Steve Schoenherr.

Schoenherr said the land was first farmed in 1869 when it was a part of the Otay area of San Diego County. Several crops were grown there. Strawberries have been the main crop for almost the past 40 years.

"Where once there were thousands of acres of farms, literally this five acres is all that remains," Schoenherr told 10News South Bay reporter Joe Little. "This is the last remaining farmland in the city of Chula Vista."

The strawberry fields are for sale. Schoenherr said it is in escrow and ready for development.  The five acres are zoned for commercial development.

"And that’s the tragedy," Schoenherr said while standing in the field. "When this land disappears, there will be no more farmland in Chula Vista."

Unfortunately, the fields are private property and the city has no say in its future.

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