High Tech High students work to build food truck business

SAN DIEGO - Some students at High Tech High School in San Diego are using a popular funding website to make their dreams of owning a food truck come true.

Zachary Allbritton's passion is cooking, and he told 10News, "I love cooking; I do it with my father all the time."

Zachary, a sophomore, does it for hours at High Tech High.

"It helps me get up in the morning, especially on Mondays," he said.

In a couple of months, 50 sophomores hope to unveil the food truck Reel Delicious.

From the cooking to the website, to press kits, the students are doing it all.

In a promotional video on the funding website Kickstarter, the group's ultimate goal is shown.

"The truck will promote cultural understanding and diversity through food and film by serving international dishes made with locally sourced ingredients and by screening from the truck on flat screens during the day and projectors at night, original short and full-length international films," the students say in the video.

A food truck will cost them $35,000, and most of them aren't even old enough to drive.

"They're at the age, 15 16, so the first few have start to get their licenses ... most likely need someone over 18 to drive the truck," said High Tech High teacher Daisy Sharrock, who is helping the students with their project.

The students offer incentives to donors, including catered meals.

If they reach their goal, they get all the funding through Kickstarter. If they fall short, they get nothing.

Teacher Patrick McMahon, who is also helping with the project, said, "If you display a challenge, and they can meet the challenge, that's what we want to go for here."

"It allows us to learn and grow so in the future, if we actually have a desire to start our own business, we know what we're doing," Zachary said.

The students hope to partner with local film festivals to show movies from their truck.

The group has raised more than $17,000 but only have until the end of the next month to reach their goal.

To see their full campaign, go here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/143867250/reel-delicious

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