High-rise vandals turning family's dream apartment into a nightmare

Crutch thrown through glass of patio table

SAN DIEGO - A local family says their dream apartment in downtown San Diego has become a living nightmare from what they say is destruction caused by some unruly tenants high above.

"All the spit and the debris from people throwing stuff down … This has been an ongoing issue," said Nicole Paquette, a concerned resident at the Vantage Pointe apartments.

Her family, including two children, cannot comfortably spend time outdoors for fear of incidents like the latest.

Paquette told 10News that she came home Monday to find that a crutch had been thrown through the glass of their new patio table. It was found in their garden box next to her 5-year-old son's toys.

Although there are 24 floors above her, Paquette says she believes she knows where most of the damage has been coming from.

She added that once she started reporting it to management, things became worse.

During Paquette's interview with 10News, someone could be heard heckling her from above as she spoke about her concerns with the damage.

"There's one we have complained about with cigarettes and the next morning we woke up, it was like an ashtray. The whole balcony was filled with cigarettes," she said.

She was then interrupted by someone saying "haha," from up above.

"Yeah, that's the one up there I have had issues with," she said.

10News contacted the local manager of Vantage Pointe who told 10News she was instructed by their legal department not to talk on camera.

However, Vantage Pointe will now let the family break their lease with no financial penalties if they choose to.

Paquette said they are now considering moving from their complex, although they would prefer to stay put.

She says nine others at the complex have had similar issues.

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