HiddenCash phenomenon continues in San Diego

SAN DIEGO - Twitter users following the HiddenCash phenomenon in San Diego County had a couple of chances Tuesday to score some money from anonymous donors.

The first, @HiddenCashSD, tweeted overnight that cash had been planted near a Trolley station along Interstate 8 and clues to its exact whereabouts would be given out later Tuesday.

Shortly after 1 p.m., someone using the account tweeted that someone did a cash drop in a park in National City, and showed a picture clue.

Also overnight, @sdcashstash, tweeted bigger drops of cash were coming this week and the next would happen today in the North County.

A tweet later directed cash hunters to Tiburon Street and Echo Lane in San Marcos then to "go see the Kaiser." One lucky follower found the drop, to which Boyar's Kitchen Cabinets matched $60, according to the Twitter account.

"Bigger drops coming next few days," the anonymous donor wrote.

A third San Diego donor who tweets under the handle "sdcashboss" posted overnight that free cash would be dropped from the sky this weekend.

By staging the scavenger hunts, all three local donors have joined in the HiddenCash phenomenon that began in San Francisco on May 23. It has also spread to other major U.S. cities and to other countries.

In most cases, the amount of cash being hidden has been up to $100.

The San Francisco donor who started it all has dubbed the practice a "social experiment for good." At least some of the recipients have paid it forward by doing such good deeds as using the cash to buy meals for others, including the homeless.

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