Treasure hunters find cash in Pacific Beach

SAN DIEGO - Hundreds stormed the beaches of Pacific Beach between Diamond and Felspar streets Sunday morning, looking for a Pez dispenser with cash.

"No need to go up the hill," tweeted @HiddenCash, referring to the bluff above the beach. "They're all buried in the sand."

Twitter users found dispensers with $50, $60 and $100 in them, according to TV reporters who hustled out to the beach.

Everyone had their own strategy. Some hunters shuffled their feet, others dug in the sand, and a couple just got lucky.

DJ Revocal found $80 that he says he is going to use it for lunch money.

A local television station interviewed a teenage girl who said she looked for five minutes before finding one of the candy dispensers with $50 in it.

By 10:30, the Twitter feed began filling up with pictures of very happy San Diegans, clutching cash.

Earlier Sunday, the HiddenCash feed tweeted a picture of Pez candy dispensers with money in them and claimed to have hidden 25 of the dispensers somewhere in San Diego.

There was a total of $1,500 up for grabs given by Jason Buzi, the millionaire who has organized a number of scavenger hunts across the country and overseas. He sends clues via Twitter, directing people to the secret location with hopes that people will pay it forward.

It is something Jeff Smouse did. He did not even know about the hunt and stumbled across one of the dispensers that had $100.

"I know somebody who is a single father and I gave it to them so they can enjoy themselves," said Smouse.

It was not just fun for those looking for the cash along the beach. For beachgoers watching from above, it was pretty interesting.

Beachgoer Kim Crosson told 10News, "All of a sudden we see all these people with clothes on, on the beach and we were wondering what was going on. And then we realized what it was. It's pretty cool."

At 9:47 a.m. the @HiddenCash account tweeted the location: "San Diego: Which beach you ask? This one: Many people like theirs with jam. I've always preferred honey."

Reporters made the obvious conclusion that the tweet referred to Pacific Beach, commonly referred to by San Diegans as PB -- as in "PB and J."

HiddenCash first tweeted on Friday that they would be coming to San Diego. In the feed's first Tweet on Sunday, filed at 8:02 a.m., HiddenCash posted a photo of the small red Pez cylinders with plastic cartoon characters on top.

"San Diego: which one do you want to find?" was the tantalizing message. "We hid 25. Clues soon ..."

The mystery unraveled throughout the morning. At 9:33 a.m. HiddenCash tweeted "It's going to be a fun day at the beach in San Diego." Seven minutes later the feed tweeted "SD: They are buried in the sand and it will be a while til all are found. So head on over. Next clue shortly." Seven minutes later it was finally revealed that they were hidden at Pacific Beach.

The unknown benefactor finished by tweeting that he planned to sprinkle cash in Fresno Monday, and in Los Angeles and Orange counties and the Inland Empire starting Thursday.

@HiddenCash seemed to be enjoying the spectacle. "Stay sexy, Sandy Ego," he tweeted.

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