Hidden cash: Lucky winner finds the stash

An anonymous philanthropist who has been hiding money around San Diego County announced via Twitter that more cash would be dropped somewhere in the region sometime on Sunday.

The person responsible for the first of the local scavenger hunts began using the @sdcashstash account last week to tweet out clues, which led a few lucky San Diegans to envelopes filled with up to $100 near Mission Bay and in Escondido.

He or she joined in the @HiddenCash Internet phenomena that started in San Francisco and has since spread to Los Angeles, San Diego and around the world.

That mystery donor said via Twitter "San Diego drop later today!" but in an earlier tweet said he or she would not be providing as many hints in an effort to "avoid unsafe crowds."

A second San Diego benefactor, using the @SDHiddenCash handle, also began enticing San Diegans last week with the online post. "Our cash caches will span across all of the Greater San Diego area. You are never too far away to come up lucky!" The Tweets also said a "test drop" was planned this week.

The next posting revealed the first clue to the small prizes, along with a photo of several plastic bags tied together.

"Our test run will feature a breezy spot so head west before the afternoon sun and the marine layer burns off," it said.

The most recent post from @SDHiddenCash was a link to a website showing social issue advertisements -- again featuring plastic bags.

On Saturday, someone using the Twitter account @HiddenCash sent out clues that led those in the Los Angeles-area to 36 "Angry Birds" figurines stuffed with money at Hermosa Beach.

The original @HiddenCash account promised today there would be one last giveaway in Los Angeles Sunday, but said he was then departing that area after that.

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