Heat wave sends San Diegans looking for relief

SAN DIEGO - Several areas of San Diego broke heat records Friday including El Cajon where it was 97 degrees according to the National Weather Service. Families seeked relief at local swimming pools and beaches.

Children swam and splashed around in the pool at YMCA in Santee. A temperature sign read 99 degrees Friday afternoon.

The East County took a beating from the sun. Heat waves were seen rising from the sidewalk in El Cajon.

"I was kind of hoping for it to be a little bit cooler. I guess that's the only way to make it cool is to go inside the mall," said Raymond Fajardo, a visitor in El Cajon.

10News viewers sent images of a 7-month-old baby going swimming for her first time in El Cajon. A mother was also seen spraying a bottle of water on her son to keep him cool and hydrated as he played a game of flag football.

For some local businesses, the heat means cash. Brandon Morris says ASI Heating and Air Conditioning has gotten lots of repair calls recently.

"Lack of airflow. A lot of time there's wasted air and energy sent into the attic," said Morris. Same goes for Fan Diego. Management says they've seen an uptick in sales by about 30 to 40 percent. Mostly selling new fans but also repairing old ones.

Others sought relief at Mission Beach. Dozens of families were there with their kids playing in the sand and catching a tan.

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