Hearing held for man accused in road rage incident on Coronado Bridge

Witnesses testify in hearing for Phillip Eggers

SAN DIEGO - A preliminary hearing was held Thursday for an El Cajon man accused of using his car to ram a motorcycle in what authorities described as a road rage incident on the Coronado Bay Bridge.

Authorities said 24-year-old Phillip Michael Eggers got into a rolling dispute with a motorcyclist on the westbound side of the bridge on May 18.

In court Thursday, Eggers had nothing to say as witnesses described the events that led to the incident.

Roxanne Finnell, who was on the back of the motorcycle that collided with Eggers' BMW, had to be pushed to the witness stand in a wheelchair.

"We were on the bike and he was like this (gesturing the crash)," she testified.

Rodney Finnell, the man driving the motorcycle, claimed Eggers was speeding and cut him off several times.

Nico Roe testified that Finnell pulled up alongside the BMW and made his aggravation clear.

"They were giving the guy the finger, yelling at him, waving at him. They wanted to make sure that the driver of the BMW saw what they were doing," Roe said.

That's when Eggers allegedly swerved into the motorcycle on purpose. He then sped away from the crash.

"I watched the driver of the BMW look, make eye contact and then turn the wheel … into them," Roe testified.

Rodney Finnell said, "From that moment that we looked at each other, I have nothing, no memory of any kind until paramedics were there."

Eggers continued driving into Coronado, followed by an off-duty San Diego police officer who had witnessed the collision, authorities said.

He soon pulled to a stop on Glorietta Boulevard, where the officer confronted him and held him at gunpoint until Coronado police arrived and took him into custody.

Eggers is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, but he may face more charges before he's due in court next month.

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