Judge considers whether predator Allen Fields will be released in Campo

SAN DIEGO - A judge could rule Friday on whether convicted child molester Allen Fields will released into the rural community of Campo in southeastern San Diego County.

Fields, now 58, was convicted of molesting four boys between the ages of 10 and 13 after establishing relationships with them as their caregiver or Boy Scouts leader.

In 2000, after he served a 25-year prison sentence, Fields was committed to a state hospital as a sexually violent predator, where he underwent sex offender treatment. In March 2003, Fields voluntarily submitted to surgical castration.

In December 2013, San Diego County Superior Court Judge Margie Woods granted Fields' petition for outpatient placement, finding that he could safely be released into the community.

In June, the Department of State Hospitals recommended placing Fields in a home on a five-acre piece of private property in Campo.

That recommendation drew protest from the community. On July 23, Judge Woods held a hearing allowing for public comment on the proposal. County Supervisor Dianne Jacob was among those who protested the decision.

In a news release this week, Jacob said that Fields would be the sixth sexual predator placed in rural East County in recent years. She said three violated their terms of release. She argues that Fields should be kept in prison.

Friday's hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. in Superior Court in downtown San Diego.

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