Healing garden is hope for Nancarrow family: Longtime TV icon Loren Nancarrow battling cancer

SAN DIEGO - Loren Nancarrow has been a mainstay of San Diego television for more than 30 years, including being an environmental reporter and weather forecaster for ABC 10. In January, he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  

"He said, 'Oh boo hoo, I've got this cancer and I have one to three years to live' but it was never 'why me,' it was 'why not me,'" said Loren's wife Susie at the Scripps Radiation Therapy Center in La Jolla.  

The family is trying to establish a healing garden in Loren's name.

"We met a while back and he wanted to do two things: thank the doctors at Scripps and help as many cancer patients as possible," said Susan Taylor, a former television anchor now with Scripps.

Early on, Loren went public with his disease, urged by his daughter Hannah to create a blog.  

"We didn't leave anything out," she said. "We wanted everyone to see what was happening and in turn we learned there were so many others who were going through the same thing."

Loren has opted not to undergo any more therapy.

"It's learning to lean into the disease, it's leaning into the discomfort and it's finding acceptance," said Susie.

Click here to read more about how you can support the healing garden and honor Loren (mobile users: http://bit.ly/1k8I7X9)

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