Head coach of women's basketball team at Cal State San Marcos fired following discrimination claims

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - The head coach of the women's basketball team at Cal State San Marcos has been fired following claims of discrimination.

Coach Sheri Jennum was hired as the Cougars' coach in 2010. She was put on leave in January after two students filed complaints.

Lynette Mackey's daughter was one of them. Mackey said the coach constantly singled out the three black athletes on the team.

"She referred to them as 'the group' … they were 'the group' at all times. 'Your group can't ride together, your group can't sit here,'" said Mackey.

Mackey says her 18-year-old daughter was recruited to play on the team on a full scholarship. Mackey said after her daughter filed the complaint, the treatment became even worse.

"Even though she was on a scholarship, she started singling her out to not let her play," said Mackey.

A spokeswoman with the university confirmed that Jennum was let go Monday following a lengthy investigation. Citing privacy concerns, the spokeswoman would not go into detail about the complaints but said Jennum created a hostile environment.

"When this complaint came forward we took swift and decisive action to remedy the situation as quickly as possible," said spokeswoman Margaret Chantung.

Mackey said her daughter is not sure if she wants to continue with the basketball program.

"It has been a tear-down for me and my daughter. It's been really nightmares after nightmares," said Mackey.

Jennum did not return 10News' calls Monday evening.

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