Harlem Shake dance craze hits San Diego

Cardiff Kook included in video shot by local man

SAN DIEGO - A bizarre dance craze sweeping the nation has landed in San Diego, and everyone from local athletes to Marines to the Cardiff Kook are taking part.

IMAGES: The many looks of the Cardiff Kook

"The Harlem Shake is a dance move that started from the Harlem Globetrotters after one of the guys scored some points," said local DJ Beau Dorian. "He did a little shake."

The Harlem Shake incorporates moves that date back to 1981 in Harlem and an Ethiopian dance, "Eskista." The song played in today's Harlem Shake videos was produced by Baauer. That song has been used in over 40 million Harlem Shake videos worldwide.

The dance has gone viral on the Internet and has spread throughout the country, and San Diego is no exception.

"I think people like to dance. It's a good excuse to dance," said Dorian.

Dorian said he decided to produce his own video after seeing other San Diegans getting in on the action.

"I have a kickball team," said Dorian. "I knew they'd be down, and I took all my friends who like to dance."

To Dorian's surprise, many strangers who saw the filming wanted to be part of it.

"They happened to have amazing outfits or be riding a seahorse, and we had them join the video as well," said Dorian.

For their location, they picked the Cardiff Kook, a surfer statue that is no stranger to attention.

In the past, the Cardiff Kook has been wrapped in foil, dressed up with a construction hat, even swallowed up by a shark.

In the Harlem Shake video, the Kook is wearing a red mouse head, giving the Harlem Shake an extra San Diego touch.

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