Hacked sign with questionable message on SR-94 in Jamul was easily accessible

Padlock was unlocked, no passwords were required

JAMUL, Calif. - One day after 10News aired a story about a highway sign along State Route 94 in Jamul being hacked, a 10News crew found the padlock on the sign unlocked and the control compartment easily accessible.

A 10News crew had full access to change the sign to any message possible. Inside the unlocked compartment, manuals with instructions on operating the sign were found.

Early Sunday morning, someone entered the message: "N**** on 94 ooh kill em."

The message is likely a lyric from the rap song "Ooh Kill Em" by Meek Mill.

"It's appalling. The person has an issue but like I say, it's not an issue on the specific race, it's the person with," said area resident Gregory Gannaway.

"It's pretty crazy how someone can just go in and change it like that," said Marissa Delfo, who works nearby.

The sign's manufacturer, Solar Tech, said the sign was sold to a private company whose identity they wouldn't reveal. Solar Tech added there was no password set up and that someone had to physically go to the location and change it, by breaking the lock or they had a key.

"You know, when we're talking about hacking, you think that requires a level of intelligence," said Margaret Hance. "That's misguided at this point; I think that's what's so disturbing."

Jamul Indian Village released this statement:

"Our tribe is horrified by the racist message that made its way onto a construction sign in Jamul. Although we can't be sure the Jamul Indian Village is the target of these disparaging remarks, we are painfully aware the 'n' word is sometimes used, in a different context, to refer to our people. No matter the intended target, we would like to be clear that these words are extremely hurtful."

10News has reached out to the San Diego County Sheriff's Office to find out where the investigation stands, but they have not responded.

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