Gwynn mural complete in downtown San Diego

SAN DIEGO - A group of artists have completed a mural to honor the late baseball great Tony Gwynn in downtown San Diego.

Wildstyle Technicians, a group of graffiti artists, created the mural on the side of a boxing gym at 16th and J streets.

Gwynn, who spent his 20-year Major League career with the San Diego Padres, passed away last month at the age of 54 after a long fight with cancer. He won eight batting titles and is considered one of the

Earlier this month, the artists told 10News they hope the mural will serve as a history lesson for local kids who never got the chance to see Mr. Padre on the field.

"For the younger generation that doesn't really know much about Tony Gwynn, hopefully they'll ask, 'Who is that?'" Saratoga Sake said.

Gwynn belted 3,141 hits, had a .338 career batting average and was a 15-time All Star. He won seven Silver Slugger Awards and five Gold Glove Awards. His eight batting titles are tied for second-most in Major League Baseball history.

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