Guns, badges stolen from San Diego law enforcement officers at charity football game in Los Angeles

SAN DIEGO - Guns and badges were among the items stolen from San Diego law enforcement officers who were in Los Angeles for a charity football game.

KTLA in Los Angeles reported the theft occurred Saturday while the San Diego Enforcers, which consists of members from several local law enforcement agencies, played the Los Angeles Police Department's Los Angeles Centurions at Salesian High School.

LAPD officials told KTLA that a thief or thieves stole the items from the locker room. Thieves rifled through duffle bags in the visiting team locker room, taking three handguns, four badges, jewelry and cash, according to Los Angeles police.

Roger Clark, a retired Los Angeles County sheriff's lieutenant, says there is often bragging afterward.

"Hopefully someone will come forward, give some information, good leads and that will solve the crime and get these guns and badges back," he told 10News.

The game was called after the thefts were discovered at halftime. It is not known which agency's badges and guns were stolen. Most of the Enforcers' members belong to the San Diego Police Department and the U.S. Border Patrol.  

San Diego County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Jan Caldwell told KTLA that at least one deputy had items stolen.

There were no signs of forced entry. No lockers were broken open and everything was taken from bags that were not secured.

Police officials said no items were stolen from the Los Angeles team.

While the guns and badges are floating around, Clark says the public should not hesitate to ask questions when pulled over.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting ahold of the 911 operator and say, 'I'm being pulled over and I don't think I've done anything. Can you send a sergeant over?'" he said.

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