Group protests Hillary Clinton at San Diego Convention Center

Group wants answers for Benghazi attack

SAN DIEGO - Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was only present at a health care convention in San Diego via satellite, but it was enough to draw at least 70 protesters on Friday.

"We don't want Hillary Clinton in San Diego in any form," said Jan Iverson with the group The Difference Matters.

Protesters said the truth about the attack in Benghazi, Libya -- in which four Americans were killed -- has yet to be uncovered.

Pat Smith of Clairemont, whose only son Sean was one of the four Americans killed in the Sept. 11, 2012, attack, has been especially vocal.

"I was promised answers, and to this day I don't have any, and I want them before I die," said Smith.

Smith told the 70 or so who assembled outside of the San Diego Convention Center that she had recently been diagnosed with multiple cancers.

"Her decisions killed my son because she did not provide security," said Smith.

Republicans in Congress, especially House Speaker John Boehner, continue to blast the Obama administration, saying, "They owe the four families the truth and they haven't been truthful."

Howard McKeon, the Republican Chair of the House Armed Services Committee, said Thursday he's now satisfied there was nothing more the military could have done and that "any further probes are not warranted."  

Marines units are now staged as a fast attack force in the region, something that wasn't done in 2012.

It has not been a good week for Clinton. In an appearance at a convention in Las Vegas, a woman threw a shoe at her. It missed, and the woman was arrested.

Afterward, Clinton quipped, "I'm glad she didn't play softball like I did."

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