Group protesting political mailer targets wrong office

Protesters upset over David Alvarez mailer

SAN DIEGO - About a dozen people took part in a protest Tuesday against a political campaign mailer produced by the Lincoln Club which they believe makes mayoral candidate David Alvarez look like a gang member.

The group chanted, "What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!"

They want justice for what they call an unjustifiable racist campaign ad of Alvarez.

Refugio Mata, who is with told 10News, "He is being depicted in the mailer as a gang member, Photoshopped with money with a gang sign."

The Lincoln Club – a local, conservative, business-backed political action committee – is behind the paper mailer. and two other groups showed up at what they thought was the Lincoln Club's headquarters in San Carlos to protest.

Some yelled, "Lincoln Club, apologize!"

It turned out the office suite they were protesting in front of belongs to the Lincoln Club's accountant.

Someone inside the wrong suite came and demanded the group move. She said, "Can you move to the next suite? April Boling is next door if that's who you're looking for, and this is very disruptive to our business. We're in tax season and we have clients in here."

The group did not budge and they even left a binder with more than 4,000 signatures they collected at the wrong door.

Minutes later, they moved to the right office, where one protester yelled, "Lincoln Club, come out! Come out and talk to us! Lincoln Club, come out and talk to us!"

Then, someone from that suite came out and said, "Can you quiet down please? We're trying to work."

One of the protesters responded with, "Are you making up more racist flyers?"

By then, three police officers had arrived.

Tony Manolatos, a spokesman for the Lincoln Club, insists the mailer was not racist.

"In politics, people sling mud," he said. "But by and large, nobody slings that type of mud. To come out now, a few days before the election … this is what we call in the business a desperate political stunt, a 'Hail Mary pass,' if you will, at the 11th hour to try to get David Alvarez across the line."

Police did not arrest anyone. 10News asked the group why it took them a month after the mailers first went out to protest and they said they needed the time to organize and collect the signatures.

The special election will take place on Feb. 11.

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