Group in Scripps Ranch forms to stop development, opposes big box stores along Carroll Canyon Road

Property along Interstate 15, Carroll Canyon

SAN DIEGO - A large piece of property at the northeast corner of Carroll Canyon Road and Interstate 15 is causing debate in Scripps Ranch.       

The two buildings that are there have been abandoned for more than a decade, but you would not know it from driving on nearby I-15 because it is surrounded by eucalyptus trees.

But in the Carroll Canyon Commercial Proposal, the land may soon be developed. Some residents tell 10News they fear it may have a big box store like a Walmart.

"I think the area isn't equipped for large volume of people," said Ernst Niemann, who works across the street from the site at Salon Europa.

He is not alone. A group called Save Our Scripps Ranch says they are concerned about the proposal to rezone the property from industrial to commercial and the impact it will have on the quality of life and traffic.

They believe it would add on an extra 20 minutes to their already clogged commute toward Interstate 15.

"The project may not move forward but at least the process is moving forward," said Bob Ilko, who is the president of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association. 

While he cannot say if he supports or opposes the plan, he does say he has heard an earful from those against it.

"What we're hearing is obviously traffic, community esthetics, community character crime, noise," he said.

He says the planning group sent out a survey to Scripps Ranch residents. More than 1,600 people have replied and roughly 75 percent are opposed, but not everyone.

"I like the idea," said teenager Jimmy Vu. "It really doesn't matter to me but I know people in this area might have a difference of opinion of what I think."

Save Our Scripps Ranch is also concerned about the eucalyptus trees – more than 80 in all – that may have to be cut down for the project. 

The Environmental Impact Report is supposed to be finalized by next month.

Thursday night at 7 p.m., Save Our Scripps Ranch will be holding an informational meeting at the Scripps Ranch library to talk with residents about the Carroll Canyon Project.

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