Groundbreaking held for new Walgreens in southeast San Diego

Store expected to open by Fall 2014

SAN DIEGO - City and community leaders on Monday broke ground on a new Walgreens in southeast San Diego.

Some who work nearby like Doretha Stival say they are looking forward to more businesses to fill the empty storefronts and vacant lots.

"That will be such an awesome opportunity to bring more business to us," said Stival, a senior server at Felix's BBQ with Soul.

Walgreens is expected to open by fall of this year. It will be the first major drugstore for the city south of state Route 94.

The Walgreens will be located on the northwest corner of Market Street and Euclid Avenue.

San Diego City Councilwoman Myrtle Cole, who represents District 4, hopes this one store will begin to change the perception of the entire district. 

"I don't think that they understood our spending power," said Cole. They didn't understand that. They just thought that we were low-income families. We have beautiful million-dollar homes, million-dollar views of this district, so we can spend our dollars at your store. Just bring your store to us."

Cole says her district has a spending power of $1.6 billion, but more than $800 million is spent outside the district.

Walgreens is expected to bring dozens of jobs in construction and will hire between 50 to 60 employees once it opens.

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