Greenpeace activist speaks out after arrest

SAN DIEGO - Fresh from Cincinnati and one week out of jail—it was hero’s welcoming for 26-year-old Tyler Wilkerson.

Wilkerson, who served in the U.S. Marines and lives in San Diego, was one of nine Greenpeace protesters to dangle on the side of the Proctor and Gamble’s headquarters in Cincinnati on Mar. 4. He faces nine years in prison if convicted of burglary and vandalism for the stunt that garnered national attention.

But at Greenpeace, he's a hero.

“It's kind of refreshing to see everybody being taken together—standing in solidarity," said Wilkerson, who compares what they did to other activists in history. “There was really people who were on the streets being beat up and killed for what they wanted to stand up for and believe and at that time it was illegal to do any of those things.”

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