Grandmother talks of stresses during and after kidnapping of Hannah Anderson

Sara Britt tells of family support for teen

SAN DIEGO - Hannah Anderson was kidnapped last summer by a longtime family friend they called "Uncle Jim."

Authorities say James DiMaggio killed Hannah's mother and younger brother, Ethan and then was shot to death himself by FBI sharpshooters in the Idaho wilderness.

Hannah was rescued but quickly became a victim of backlash and criticized for not showing proper grief. 

"You see people on the news grieving and you think you know how they feel," said Hannah's grandmother, Sara Britt. "You have no clue."

Britt was part of a panel at Point Loma Nazarene University giving a report card on the news media. She talked about the pressure on the teenager after the ordeal and how she dealt with it. 

"Social network and in some cases it got her in trouble because she wanted to tell her story," said Britt.

She spoke of the pain when they learned secondhand the Medical Examiner's report on the brutality of the murders. 

"We were sitting in our living room listening to the news and it was crushing and Hannah heard about it in school and that was really hard," said Britt.

Hannah remains foremost in their thoughts.

"So for us, it's hard to protect her," said Britt. "How do you stop the media from jumping on the other side of it?"

Still, there is appreciation. 

"We say if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have our granddaughter," she said.

And one point remains. 

"She was truly a victim," said Britt. "She is a victim."

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