Todd Gloria stands by decision to reverse stop work order on Jack in the Box in North Park

Group still fighting drive-thru construction

SAN DIEGO - Interim San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria is standing by his decision to reverse a stop work order at a Jack in the Box restaurant in North Park.

This was Gloria's first order of business and something outgoing Mayor Bob Filner tried to stop in the 11th hour.

"I had to undo a cynical ploy by an outgoing mayor," said Gloria.

He said he had no choice but to undo Filner's last move as acting mayor. Filner issued a stop work order on a Jack in the Box in North Park on his final day in office.

It is a project some community members have been fighting because they say the drive-thru lane violates city code.

"Bob Filner approved this project," said Gloria. "The fact that he chose to stop it, hours before he left office, really had nothing to do with standing up for neighborhoods and really had everything to do with creating costly litigation for San Diego taxpayers."

North Park resident Roger Lewis has been part of the group fighting the Jack in the Box drive-thru construction.

He believes Gloria was trying to make a political stand.

"Obviously, there was some political understanding for him to put his neck out there like that and do that," said Lewis.

Both men point to the city charter to back up their position.

Lewis said that according the memo outlining the interim mayor's responsibilities, Gloria did not have the authority to stop the work order.

"He has the ability to administer staff but when it comes to things like vetoes and discretionary things he doesn't have the power to do this," said Lewis.

Gloria said this falls under his scope of responsibility.

"As interim mayor, I'm given the responsibility of carrying out the mayoral duties with the exception of the veto and a handful of other things. I'm here to protect the city and heal the city from the tremendous trauma that Bob Filner put us through," said Gloria.

Gloria said his next order of business is to allow the 10,000 city employees to do their jobs – something he said was not allowed for the last nine months.

"The public information officers … people who are employed to give information about what the city is doing were not allowed to do their jobs," Gloria said. "As a consequence, members of the media had to file public information requests just to get basic information. That ends now."

Team 10 filed more than a dozen public records request under the Filner administration.

Gloria said the Jack in the Box issue is just one of the many messes that Filner left behind that he will have to clean up.

Lewis said his group will continue to fight the work being done at the Jack in the Box in North Park.

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