Get Helpful Tips For San Diego Renters

The Do's And Don'ts Of Being A Tenant

Are you looking for a place to rent in San Diego County? Good luck! According to the Troubleshooter, about 98% of local rental housing is taken.

With supply down, prices are soaring in many areas of the county. In some cases, rental shortages have even sparked bidding wars.

But, in your quest to find a place to rent, don't forget the basics. Renting a property is a business proposition for both the tenant and the landlord. A contract must be approached professionally with little emotion.

Attorney Steve Kellman of the Tenants Legal Center of San Diego urges both parties to put everything in writing. That includes the terms of the initial rental agreement, repair requests, any changes in terms, complaints, or eviction notices.

Another piece of advice for tenants is to pay the rent on time. Paying the rent in a timely manner makes you more valuable to your landlord and goes a long way to preserve your rights, says Kellman.

Take photos of any bad conditions. This will verify habitability violations with good solid proof. Both the landlord and tenant should also take photos or shoot videotape at the time of move in and move out. Again, this will provide solid proof of conditions that could wind up in dispute.

Also, respond to all legal papers. This will prevent the loss of your rights which can happen when tenants or landlords fail to take proper action.

Finally, make it a point to educate yourself about your legal rights and responsibilities. Legal rights are easily lost unless they are known and defended.

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