Future run for political office not out of question for former San Diego mayor Bob Filner

Filner given probation

SAN DIEGO - It was once believed that under a plea agreement, former San Diego mayor Bob Filner could never again run for public office, but 10News has learned that is not the case.

The political office portion of the agreement only applies to the length of his probation, according to Jerry Coughlan, Filner's attorney.

"He can't run for office for three years; if he's drafted to run after that, well, I don't know," said Coughlan.

LINK: Read the full  probation report, including letters of support from Filner's family and friends (mobile users: http://bit.ly/J8JLwR)

Filner has spent most of his adult life in public office -- first with the school board, then a City Council stint, and then 20 years as a member of the Assembly in Congress.

"It's not inconceivable that he could run for a council seat given how strong he performed during his city wide run for mayor," said political strategist John Dadian.

"I certainly wouldn't vote for him," said San Diego Interim Mayor Todd Gloria.  

One of Filner's harshest critics during the scandal, Gloria said he is still dealing with the aftermath of the Filner administration.  

"Every day, it's something. Every day that comes up, as for another run for office, the public trust in his has been violated; there's no way to restore that," Gloria said.  

Following Filner's sentencing for sexual battery and false imprisonment, attorney Gloria Allred said, "That's always going to be a part of his legacy and his obituary; he's going to have to live with that."

Allred has pending litigation against Filner and the city.

For now, standing in Filner's way of a possible run for public office -- if he chose to run -- is a state law Gov. Jerry Brown signed in 2012 that prohibits anyone with a felony from running for any public office.

It may be one reason Filner's attorney will seek to reduce the one-felony plea the former mayor admitted to into a misdemeanor in 18 months.

Filner will serve three months of home confinement.

After 18 months, if there are no issues with his probation, Filner's attorney will seek to reduce the felony charge.

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