Fundraising keeps going as Eastlake Little League All-Stars keep winning

World Series could cost $7,000 per family

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - As the Eastlake Little Leaguers keep winning in Williamsport, Pa., supporters at home in Chula Vista keep fundraising.

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"Most families aren't able to drop about $8,000 in a heartbeat," said Eastlake Little League volunteer Cathleen Romero.

In 2009, Andy Rios said he spent $10,000 putting his family up while his son Andy kept playing with the Park View Little League team that eventually won the Little League World Series as well.

"It was a big financial hit," he said.

That is why supporters in eastern Chula Vista are rallying behind the team. They are selling t-shirt, hats and yard signs to offset the costs to the parents. On Monday night, the Islands restaurant in Eastlake donated 20 percent of its proceeds to the parents.

"We've been working 24/7 to try to raise money to help these families," said Romero.

The fundraising effort has not been easy because of one sticky baseball tradition:  superstition.

"Baseball is really superstitious so we couldn't do anything until they made it there," explained Romero.

They could not book tickets or hotels until they knew they were going. The team has not made travel plans past Wednesday's next game.

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