Fundraiser to be held this week for family of 3-year-old girl battling cancer

Olivia Hudson has already beaten cancer once

LA MESA, Calif. -  

A fundraiser will be held this week for the family of a 3-year-old girl who is battling cancer after she already overcame a rare brain tumor.

When little Olivia Hudson starts walking, she will need a walker. But make no mistake, she is tough. At just at just 3 years old, she has already endured chemotherapy and beaten cancer once.

In July 2011, doctors discovered a tumor the size of a racquetball in Olivia's brain. Dr. John Crawford, who is with Rady Children's Hospital, told 10News, "The incidence of all brain tumors of children is approximately five per 100,000 kids per year."

Olivia's type was even rarer.

"We just lived at [Rady] Children's the next three months," said Olivia's father, Andre Hudson.

About a year later, the Hudson family received the news they had been praying for: Olivia was declared cancer-free. Andre said it was truly a miracle.

However, a couple months later, another kind of cancer crept into her spine. 

Andre, who is a worship leader at a local church, looked to faith instead of asking for help. The family downsized from a home into an apartment and found homes for their family dogs.

"We trust God to get us out of it," Andre said.

It may be tough to get out of their latest bill, which they said is about $5,000.

Church members took it upon themselves to help the family by organizing an auction. The auction is scheduled to be held at 5 p.m. Thursday at the Quality Liquidators Public Auction located at 10439 Prospect Ave. in Santee.

Andre admitted it can be hard to receive blessings at times and was wondering if this could be a lesson. He said they are focused on counting every blessing and loving every moment as a family.

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