Fundraiser for held for local teen recovering from meningitis

CARLSBAD, Calif. - A fundraiser was held Wednesday for a La Costa teen who lost his feet and nearly his life to meningitis.

Friends admitted that it is hard to imagine Aaron Loy stuck in a hospital bed. The dynamic 19-year-old is a standout on the lacrosse field at UC Santa Barbara.

"He'll make it through," said friend Gabe Renna. "He's the strongest kid we know."

Renna is one of Loy's best friends and is one of the only friends to have seen him since doctors amputated his feet and saved his life from a deadly strain of meningitis.

"It was just out of the blue," said Renna. "One of the most random things... I would never expect that."

Loy was one of four students who contracted meningitis at UCSB, a strain not covered by a vaccination. The only known vaccine is not approved in the United States.

Friends spread the word at a fundraiser in La Costa and used people like Renna to spread messages of love to Loy.

Loy will most likely be in the intensive care unit for weeks, but 10News was told he is all smiles. Friends say he even went outside for the first time and said he missed the sun.

"He's just super tough," said Renna. "He doesn't give up at anything."

At the fundraiser, bracelets were being handed out that read, "Pray for Aaron" with his number, 4, on the back. Friends hope to raise enough support and money to get him back on the playing field again.

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