Full autopsy for woman shot by Border Patrol agent released: Tackett struck by car, fired 10 times

Valeria Tachiquin Alvarado died Sept. 8

SAN DIEGO - A Border Patrol agent who killed a mother of five after she hit him with her vehicle fired his gun 10 times from the hood of her car as he tried to get the woman to stop, according to an autopsy report.

Click Here to view the full report (Warning: Graphic details)

Valeria "Munique" Tachiquin Alvarado, 32, suffered gunshot wounds to her upper body, the San Diego County Medical Examiner said. Some bullets may have caused more than one wound.

The autopsy determined the Sept. 28 death was a homicide and lists multiple gunshot wounds as the cause.

Tachiquin's full autopsy report, confirms what 10News reported last week, but also revealed new information about the confrontation between her and border patrol agent, Justin Tackett.

Tachiquin was shot to death around 1 p.m. on Sept. 28, her autopsy was conducted at 9: 30 a.m. the next day, a Saturday. Three days later, her toxicology report returned and tested presumptive positive of amphetamines.

According to the report, Tachiquin had come to the Moss Street apartments in old Chula Vista to help a friend move. 

Border Patrol agents arrived at the address to serve a felony warrant for a previously deported individual. 

As agents knocked on the door, someone yelled that they were taking a shower and not to come in.

The report stated, "It appeared the man was 'stalling.'"

Tachiquin then "rushed passed the agent" and ignored Tackett's order to stop.

The report also stated that Tachiquin got into her car and accelerated, struck Tackett, throwing him onto the windshield and shattering the glass, as he held on.

Tachiquin traveled about 200 yards and then attempted a U-turn.

That's when Tackett unloaded his weapon.

According to the report, Tackett fired 10 rounds into the car. But 14 exit wounds were found on Tachiquin's body, including one that hit her in the right shoulder and one that entered her right breast and exited her left.

According to the autopsy report and as 10News previously reported, trace amounts of methamphetamine were found in Tachiquin's blood.

"I don't understand how in the world this happened," world-renowned forensic pathologist and lawyer Cyril Wecht told Team 10.

Wecht has been reviewing the details of this case for Team 10. He said while forensics confirm agent Tackett was on the hood of the car, why he tried to detain Tachiquin in the first place is a mystery.

"She hasn't robbed a bank. She hasn't murdered somebody," he said. "I don't see why legally she was not entitled to leave."

The report came on the heels of several Team 10 investigations that found Tackett was nearly fired from his job with the Imperial County Sheriff's Department and got his job with the Border Patrol after family friend, former Congressman Duncan Hunter recommended him.

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