Friend: Murder, kidnap suspect James DiMaggio may have wanted to die like his father

DiMaggio fatally shot by a federal officer

SAN DIEGO - A friend of kidnap-murder suspect James DiMaggio, who was fatally shot by a federal officer in an Idaho forest preserve Saturday, said he may have wanted to die on the same date and under similar circumstances as his father.

During a variety of broadcast interviews Saturday, family friend Andrew Spanswick ,of West Hollywood, said he and DiMaggio's sister worried all day Saturday that he would not be taken alive.

"I thought he was probably going to die either by his own hand or someone else's," Spanswick said. "I guess in some way it's what he wanted, but it's unfortunate that it couldn't have ended in another way."

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, James Lee DiMaggio's father, James Everet DiMaggio, was wanted by police in connection with the baseball bat beatings of two people in an El Cajon motel. He pleaded guilty to assault and was sent to prison, the newspaper said.

A prosecutor said the elder DiMaggio had earlier broken into the home of an ex-girlfriend in a dispute over a car, but only the woman's teenaged daughter and her boyfriend were there, so he handcuffed the boyfriend to a bed.

The girl escaped after asking to use the bathroom, the prosecutor said. The younger DiMaggio, 40, took a family friend, 16-year-old high school student Hannah Anderson of Lakeside, captive and fled with her to Idaho.

She was with DiMaggio when a FBI tactical agent shot and killed him and was rescued unharmed. His slaying marked the end of a six-day search that began on Aug. 5 when authorities discovered the bodies of Hannah Anderson's 44-year-old mother, Christina, and her 8-year-old brother, Ethan.

Firefighters found the victims' remains, and the body of their dog, in the embers of DiMaggio's home. Authorities believe DiMaggio killed the two at his back-country home off Old Highway 80 before torching the log cabin-style residence.

The now adult woman at the center of the earlier incident involving James Everet DiMaggio in 1989 told interviewers Saturday that the elder DiMaggio professed his love for her when she was 16, and that he broke into her house when she wouldn't go away with him.

James Everet DiMaggio died from a "drug-induced" suicide," on Aug. 10, 1998, Spanswick said.

The FBI has not detailed the events leading to the agent fatally shooting the younger James Lee DiMaggio Saturday, but media reports said a "confrontation" with the suspect led to his being killed.

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