Free programs aim to help San Diegans winterize their homes

SDG&E Energy Savings Assistance Program among ways

SAN DIEGO - With winter around the corner, some people are getting their homes ready for the cold nights. 10News learned about a few programs that San Diegans can take advantage of to help winterize their homes.

La Mesa resident Penny Goforth is excited about her new refrigerator. She said her old one was more than 20 years old and falling apart.

"So when it was really hot, we'd come and we'd just rub our faces up and down against the seal because the cold air would just shoot right out,” she told 10News.

Goforth's utility bills were adding up fast.

"It's like the death of a thousand cuts every time something goes wrong in the house and you can't fix it," she said.

Yet, she did get them fixed. She added a new shower head that helps conserve water and replaced a cracked window with a new one. Weather stripping was added to the front door to help winterize her home.

She did it all for free, thanks to the SDG&E Energy Savings Assistance Program. In order to qualify, a family of three must have an income of $38,180 and for a family of four, $46,100. 

There are other ways to save money. Another program is called CARE.

"[It] gives people a discount on their bills every month, depending on their income level and sometimes it can save you up to $275 per year," said Gina Jacobs, a spokeswoman for San Diego Gas & Electric.

Another is called the Medical Baseline Program.

"It's for individuals that have medical needs that require additional use of electricity," Jacobs added.

Penny had this advice: "Just call and say, 'Can you help me?'"

SDG&E says they have used approximately $16 million in funding for the program this year and more funds are available for qualified applicants.

Click here for more information about the Energy Savings Assistance Program.

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