Forum to be held on North Park violence

SAN DIEGO - A public forum will be held in North Park following five bold attacks on women.

Kelsey Garrett and Emmie Rivera spent Tuesday having lunch and shopping in North Park. Both feel fine during the day but come nighttime, that all changes.

"There's creeps everywhere and I won't walk anywhere by myself at night," said Garrett. "I'm always prepared. I carry pepper spray and a Taser."

Rivera said, "I try to stay alert, take out my headphones. I try not to be alone, too."

They along with many others feel uneasy after five reported attacks on women. All the attacks occurred late at night while they were walking alone. Police released a composite sketch of a person believed to responsible for two of the attacks.

One victim who did not want to be identified told 10News, "I had to drag myself up in my own pool of blood, screaming and waving for help," she said. "How many more have to go through this in order for the cops to do something?"

Rafee Zakir owns Discount International Fashions. In his 17 years as a North Park businessman, he has never seen anything like this. He says he has seen an increase in police presence.

"Police officers on bikes, they ride around after 6 o'clock until 2," said Zakir.

The North Park Community Association is hosting a public forum Wednesday night to discuss safety concerns. Speaker of the Assembly Toni Atkins is expected to attend.

"We're really reaching out for eyes and ears in our community and a lot of different areas," said Edwin Lohr, who is with the North Park Community Association.

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