Former TWA crash investigator talks to 10News: Petition sent to NTSB to reopen probe into Flight 800

SAN DIEGO - A petition for the NTSB to reopen the investigation into the explosion of TWA Flight 800 was sent out Wednesday morning. 10News met with one of the investigators who made it happen.

He is one of six whistleblowers highlighted in a documentary about the crash which is scheduled to be released next month.

It is already getting national attention and thrusting former TWA crash investigator and San Diegan Bob Young into the spotlight. He has made bold claims about the government's conclusions for the 1996 explosion of Flight 800 off of the coast of Long Island.

"You know, I hate to use the words 'cover-up' and things like that," Young said during an interview with 10News.

10News reporter Dan Haggerty asked Young, "Do you think that it was a missile?"

Young replied, "I like to say that I can't tell you what it was specifically, but I can tell you what it wasn't. It wasn't a spark in a center wing tank that destroyed the airplane."

Young admitted that he has thought about the repercussions of making a public stance that supports conspiracy theories. He also wonders how far people may go to discredit him.

The man who was in charge of putting the plane back together says there are more stories to tell about how it came apart.

"We think that the event occurred outside of the airplane," Young told Haggerty.

Haggerty said, "That pretty much summarizes a missile."

To which Young replied, "It summarizes an object. That's the term we like to use."

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