Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney puts La Jolla home plans back on the fast track

Romney plans to turn modest home into mansion

SAN DIEGO - Mitt Romney's home remodeling plans are back on the front burner.

10News has learned the former Republican candidate for president has lifted the block he placed on the permitting process during his campaign and is now working with his lawyers to fast-track plans that would quadruple the size of his oceanfront La Jolla home.

"We're very close to being ready for a hearing," said Matthew Peterson, a lawyer who is representing Mitt and Anne Romney as they try to get through the complicated permitting process necessary to demolish the 3,000-square-foot house and replace it with one four times as big.

Peterson said an environmental review of the project should be complete within the next month and then a public hearing will be held before the permits are issued. If things go as planned, Peterson predicts the demolition could begin in about seven months.

Although there has been some public grumbling about the massive project, Jack Clancy, who has lived in the Barber Tract for 51 years, says he is not concerned.

"Because I know there's a height limit here and obviously he's going to abide by everything there, and there's going to be a pretty sharp pencil on exactly what he does," said Clancy. "I just feel if he is able to get the necessary permits, then he's entitled to do what he wants to do there."

There was no answer when 10News knocked on the Romneys' door.

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