Former LAPD detective, author asks Christopher Dorner to surrender: Speaks of Sat. call by Dorner

Mike Rothmiller Co-Authored "L.A. Secret Police"

SAN DIEGO - A former LAPD detective and author is talking only to 10News about the search for Christopher Dorner.                     

Mike Rothmiller, who also co-authored "L.A. Secret Police," says Dorner reached out to a colleague of his on Feb. 9.

Mike Rothmiller spent 10 years with the LAPD. He says some of what Christopher Dorner states in his 6,000 word manifesto regarding the LAPD rings true.

“I was a detective and I was a sergeant and the issues that he describes regarding racism, brutality, corruption, internal affairs malfeasance, so forth... That is absolutely true," says Rothmiller. "I saw it firsthand."

Rothmiller believes Dorner's ultimate objective is to basically change the LAPD and get back at the people there. He is confident Dorner is alive and carefully plotting his next move.

“I received from a very, very reliable source that he did in fact contact somebody late [Saturday] afternoon,” said Rothmiller.

We promised not to disclose who Dorner contacted, but Rothmiller did say police were well aware.

Rothmiller says he thoroughly believes that, “perhaps over the last month or so he's been buying pre-paid disposable cell phones. He'll use them once, turn them off and discard them and virtually at that stage there's no way to track his location.”

Rothmiller thinks Dorner is simply waiting to spark a major confrontation.

And he thinks it'll happen at the new Parker Center, outside LAPD headquarters, during a weekday.

 “That is what he views as the heart of the monster that destroyed his life and that's where he is going to attack if he does,” said Rothmiller.

Rothmiller is confident Dorner is monitoring radio and television broadcasts and hopes that the following message will somehow get through.

“Turn yourself in. Surrender at this time. I will set up anytime he would like to surrender, with any policing agency he would like to surrender to. I will be there to ensure that the surrender is safe,” says Rothmiller.

Rothmiller urges Dorner to try and realize his voice is the only vehicle that can accomplish change with teh department.

He says he understands Dorner's rage and frustration with the LAPD, but says inflicting more violence is not the solution and will not change the department.

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