Former FBI profiler weighs in on mystery surrounding shooting outside Mission Valley mall

SAN DIEGO - A former FBI profiler is weighing in on the mystery surrounding the shooting deaths of two people outside a Mission Valley mall.

On Friday, police found Gianni Belvedere's car in Riverside with the body of a 24-year-old man in the trunk. It has been nearly a month since Gianni disappeared, following the shooting of his fiancée Ilona Flint and his brother Salvatore in the parking lot of a Mission Valley mall early Christmas Eve.

"With these types of shootings, it really goes back to some sort of revenge: you owe me money, you owe me drugs, etc.," former FBI special agent Brad Garrett told Good Morning America on Monday.

Police have said all along that they have no motive and no concrete suspects, keeping anything else they know close to the vest and out of the media.

"Cell phones, emails, there's something in their background that led to this ... and I'm going to guess that it is out there," said Garrett.

With a lot of questions still unanswered surrounding the case, Flint's family opened up about their relationship with her fiancé, saying in a statement, "We consider Gianni to be our son as much as the Belvederes consider Ilona to be their daughter."

The Belvedere family tells 10News extended family has gathered in San Diego, waiting for the autopsy on the body to tell them if Gianni has finally been found and if so, how he died.

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