Former DirecTV repairman suspected of stealing former USD volleyball player's photos

Jardino Mesina accused in teen phone recording


A source has come forward to 10News, claiming more crimes were committed by a former DirecTV repairman who is already accused of recording inappropriate video of a teenage girl on his cellphone.

Jardino Mesina is accused of trying to hide a cellphone camera in the room of teenage girl while she changed.

According to prosecutors, Mesina was arrested in October after using his smartphone to video record a 17-year-old girl undress after a shower.  

Mesina was in the house repairing the family’s DirecTV system. The girl and her mother found the phone and called police before Mesina left the house. He was arrested and was later fired.

His former employer is now helping police build a bigger case.

"Direct TV searched his van and they actually located a memory card to a camera," said San Diego police Lt. Andra Brown.

That means more charges piling up for Mesina.

Police told 10News that he stole the memory card from the bedroom of another teenage girl while on a job in the North County.

They say he was in her room, saw her camera and snagged the photos.

"On that memory card, there were videos and pictures that the police department was actually able to trace to a local college student," said Brown.

The student was a former player on the 2010 University of San Diego volleyball team. Some of the photos were taken inside the team's locker room.

"There was nothing that was inappropriate, undressing or any of that kind of thing," said Brown. "It was just personal pictures and videos that, you know, a young girl would have on her camera."

Many of the pictures were taken in 2010 but the younger players on the team may still be on the squad and at the university. The school decided not to comment after 10News called.

It is unclear how many photos were on the memory card. The other photos were of family vacations, outings with friends and concerts.

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