Former Democratic Assemblywoman Lori Saldana says Filner should not resign

Says San Diego mayor did not break the law

SAN DIEGO - Bob Filner's actions with women may be questionable but they are not illegal, said a former Democratic assemblywoman who also told 10News he should not resign.

"So far, the attorneys have not met the burden of proof of criminal wrongdoing," said Lori Saldana, who claimed that when she sat on the Assembly's ethics committee, she heard much more damaging information about some of her peers.

"There are people who say elected officials should be held to a higher standard, but that’s a personal decision for Bob Filner to make, and to try and leverage that personal decision with the threat of a lawsuit," said Saldana, who two years ago reported to the head of San Diego County's Democrats that she had heard stories about Filner mistreating women.

"I went forward to avoid exactly what is going on today," said Saldana, who says Filner's accusers are only telling half the story. "Until an employee is willing to come forward, these attorneys are drumming up a lot of anger, a lot of emotion, but they’re not presenting the evidence that would e needed for either a civil or a criminal conviction."

Saldana criticized politicians who have already called on Filner to resign, because they still have to continue to work with him and work with his staff on issues that matter to the citizens of San Diego.

The former Assemblywoman praised Filner for bringing in new people.

"I think it's overdue," she said. "You cannot micromanage the 8th largest city in the country. If there's anything positive to come out of this, it's that he's brought in some new and very experienced people to help manage in this crisis."

On Thursday, the central committee of the San Diego Democratic Party will meet to decide what, if anything, to do about allegations that the mayor sexually harassed at least three women.

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