Former San Diego councilman wins big in poker tournament: Michael Zucchet won nearly $144K

Zucchet finished 4th in Las Vegas

Michael Zucchet heads up the Municipal Employees Association, the largest employees union in San Diego, and has had a passion for poker for years.

In all the years he has been playing tournaments, he said, "No, I've never had this kind of finish."

Zucchet won nearly $144,000 in a satellite tournament of the World Series of Poker and spoke with 10News by phone while on the road.

"In any one tournament, anything can happen and I just happened to have a very good three days," he said.

The former city councilman was charged with conspiracy and other charges in a scandal known as "Stripper-Gate," but was later acquitted.

He said he has played since college and enters the side tournaments every summer.

As for the $10,000 buy-in for the big tournament?

"The money I won is going toward my kid's college fund," he said "It's not going back to the World Series of Poker."

Zucchet finished fourth out of nearly 3,000 entries, and after three days straight of playing, he said he needs a break.


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