Flier warns of peeping tom in Ocean Beach

Flier also lists other incidents in area


Fliers are posted throughout Ocean Beach warning residents of a peeping tom peeking through windows.

The flier said the peeping tom was spotted on Saratoga Avenue in Ocean Beach. It also mentions a string of crimes in the area that have neighbors very worried.

Sue Berrill saw the flier Wednesday morning.

"Here we go again," she said. "We have had other incidences."

The flier warns of those as well, including violent crimes such as an assault and attempted sexual assault on Muir Avenue two weeks ago. It also warned of another man who is accused of groping a woman on a running path blocks away.

Each resident 10News spoke with had a story.

"One girl was attacked with a box cutter, like, right in front of the library," said resident Corey Kitches.

Shortly after that interview, a 10News crew spotted a patrol car in the area after someone vandalized a home in broad daylight.

Neighbor Kim D'Aust says despite the heat, her bedroom windows stay locked at night.

"Be a little bit more careful, make sure I'm looking where I'm walking, not walking anywhere by myself," she said.

10News reached out to police but received no response. However, neighbors say they plan to do something about it themselves.

"My girlfriend… I'm like, 'Don't walk home,'" said Kitches. "Even early in the morning when she goes to work, these people are out, you know."

Berril added, "A little bit of anxiety because it's a reminder that there are people out there who can't control themselves and will do harm to others."

Ocean Beach residents plan to meet next Wednesday with the town council to find ways to protect their community. 

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