Fletcher Releases Political Ad Targeting DeMaio

Ad Called 'Carl Won't Answer The Question' Released Online

The race for San Diego mayor is heating up after candidate Nathan Fletcher released a negative ad targeting candidate Carl DeMaio.

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The ad, which was released online on Monday, is called "Carl Won't Answer the Question."

In the ad, Fletcher's campaign accuses DeMaio of refusing to answer several questions, including those regarding meeting lobbyists behind closed doors and his stance on California SB-48, which requires that historical contributions of gays and lesbians be included in public school curriculum.

"The ad has relevance because there are certain issues that councilman DeMaio should be addressing," said political science professor Carl Luna.

Luna believes Fletcher is trying to battle DeMaio for the moderate Republican votes that may still exist.

"He needs to be careful he doesn't alienate moderate Independents and moderate Democrats," said Luna.

In response to the Fletcher's ad, DeMaio's campaign released the following statement to 10News:

"This attack is taken directly from the government labor union website. While Nathan Fletcher and his government labor union backers resort to desperate political games, Carl DeMaio will continue to talk about solving San Diego's fiscal problems and how we can all work together to reform the pension system."

"Carl DeMaio is going to downplay the content of the ad and try to turn it against Nathan Fletcher, saying he's going to take the high road," said Luna.

Fletcher also called out DeMaio at a mayoral candidate forum in Hillcrest last week, claiming DeMaio cost him the Republican endorsement by viciously attacking him on social issues while running as a Republican.

DeMaio's response garnered boos from the crowd. People could also be heard yelling "liar."

"I'm going to make something very perfectly clear," DeMaio said at the forum. "I have never criticized any of my opponents for their position on social issues."

"For Carl DeMaio to say he's never attacked any of his opponents is like the New Orleans Saints to say that they've never paid anyone to put a hit on someone after the whistles blown," said Luna.

10News was waiting on a response from Fletcher's campaign regarding the tone of the ad.

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