Fix for Allied Gardens sinkhole problem

Sinkholes in 7000 block of Princess View Drive

SAN DIEGO - Two sinkholes in Allied Gardens are slowly growing and people who live in the area say nothing is being done about it.

The sinkholes are located in the 7000 block of Princess View Drive, close to Mission Gorge Road.

Tony Gariano, a homeowner who lives on Princess View, said that every time it rains, his yard, his garage and his house is undermined that much more.

"I've tried everybody and their father to get some satisfaction out here and nothing," he told 10News.

Princess View has been in dire need of a fix for years after a draining pipe under the street was found to be corroded.

"We put off maintenance and defer other things so when we do get around to fixing things, it costs three times more to fix the problem," said Scott Sherman, a newly-elected San Diego city councilman who represents the area. He said his office just found out about the sinkhole problem on Princess View.

Homeowners, however, may not have to for much longer. On the books is a $1.6 million permanent fix scheduled for October 2014.

Bill Harris, who is with the city of San Diego streets division, said the design phase for repairs is nearly completed and that construction will begin sooner than later.

He said the repair project has been complicated because the street is on a fairly steep slope.

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