Fisherman dives off Ocean Beach Pier to rescue drowning couple

SAN DIEGO - A fisherman dove into the water and rescued a man and woman who jumped off the Ocean Beach Pier late Tuesday night.

Witnesses told San Diego police the fully-clothed couple jumped off the pier at about 11 p.m. and immediately began to struggle and shout for help.

Paul Song, who was fishing on the pier, saw the pair, dropped his fishing pole and dove into the ocean.

Song told 10News he reached the man and tried to help him, but he was panicking and struggling. Song said he eventually pulled him over to one of the pier pilings, where they waited for lifeguards, who pulled all three out of the water.

"I knew that he wouldn't make it in time -- or I thought so -- so I went in to try and get him to shore, take his clothes off, so the clothes wouldn't weigh him down,” Song said. He couldn't make it. He was giving me a hard time. So I just took him to a pillar and taught him how to ride the waves out until help came."

All three were assessed by paramedics, but no one was taken to a hospital.

San Diego Lifeguard Services told 10News that both were arrested. The woman was charged with public intoxication. No names were released.

Jumping off the pier is a crime, and the two could face additional charges.

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