First San Diego County baby of 2014 born at Grantville Kaiser Permanente hospital

Jacobo Ayala born at 12:02AM Jan. 1

SAN DIEGO - Jacobo Ayala is being called the first baby born in San Diego County in 2014.

Little Jacobo was born on New Year's Day at 12:02 a.m., at Kaiser Permanente in Grantville. He weighs seven pounds and two ounces.

First-time mom Vanessa Ayala joked with her husband, Juan Carlos, about realizing their baby was going to be born on New Year's Day.

"He started joking with the nurses because they said that there was another girl that was more dilated than me," she told 10News. "They thought she was going to have the New Years baby but … well, we won!"

Doctors say Vanessa's due date was December 28, but after three days of Jacobo not wanting to make his long-awaited appearance, doctors decided it was time to induce labor.

"They said it was going to take a long time. I wouldn't dilate … but suddenly I dilated all the way," Vanessa said.

She said the excitement was palpable. Even the nurses grew anxious.

"The nurse kept looking at the clock … suddenly he started looking at it and they started screaming, 'Happy New Year!' and the baby came out," said Vanessa.

Juan Carlos said he'd been counting down the days but never expected this major feat.

Nurses gave Jacobo a giant blue stuffed elephant -- twice Jacobo's size. The elephant wears a shirt that says New Year's baby 2014.

For the first-time parents, they say so far, so good. They say they couldn't be happier with their new, healthy baby.

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