Day 2 of Filner mediation ends: Bob Filner, city leaders meet in closed-door negotiations

Unclear when Filner will return to City Hall

SAN DIEGO - A second day of mediation between embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, lawyers and other city officials wrapped up Tuesday with no reported resolution regarding his political future.

"It can be a long process; we are in that process; it is ongoing," City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said of the talks taking place on the 17th floor of a downtown high-rise.

He told reporters that retired federal judge J. Lawrence Irving ordered participants not to discuss the substance of the negotiations, which are believed to deal with conditions under which Filner -- mired in investigations over alleged sexual harassment, misuse of city-issued credit cards and shakedowns of developers -- would resign.

Goldsmith, himself a former judge, said he would honor Irving's request. He did not answer questions about whether the mediation would continue Wednesday.

Filner has attended both days of the talks, so he has not returned to work at the City Administration Building. Neither his spokeswoman nor his Irvine-based private lawyer, James Payne, would say when the 70-year-old former congressman might resume his mayoral work.

City Council President Todd Gloria and Councilman Kevin Faulconer also were present at the mediation session but declined to comment.

Los Angeles-based lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents Irene McCormack Jackson -- the mayor's former communications aide who has sued him and the city for alleged sexual harassment -- was not present as she was on Monday, but reportedly participated by phone.

Jackson is one of three city employees to accuse Filner of unwanted advances, groping or forced kissing. Overall, 17 women have made such allegations against the mayor.

The mayor apologized for what he called a failure to respect women and for his "intimidating conduct," and checked into an inpatient behavioral therapy program. However, he denied his actions have amounted to sexual harassment.

He has so far rebuffed calls from all nine City Council members, other officeholders and business leaders to resign.

While the mediation sessions took place, organizers of an effort to recall Filner circulated petitions around the city. They need to turn in nearly 102,000 signatures to the City Clerk's Office by Sept. 26.

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