Firefighters help rescue orphaned hawk chicks

SAN DIEGO - Firefighters are being credited with saving more than just homes during last week's wildfires. In the middle of all the chaos, 10News has learned they helped save two orphaned baby hawks.

Firefighters at Station 23 in Linda Vista said a woman came running up to their door and said she needed help with two hawk chicks.

Trish Jackman, the director of wildlife rehabilitation at Project Wildlife, told 10News, "We probably are over the biggest hurdle: the first 24 hours … getting them warmed and hydrated and getting all the body systems working again."

Jackman believes the baby hawks are about 2 weeks old. They ended up in her care a couple of days ago.

"They're just not in the best shape after what they've been through," she said.

The details of what they have been through are a bit of a mystery, but 10News learned they are orphaned and were rescued by firefighters at Station 23 in Linda Vista.

The firefighters were going on call after call when a woman ran into their station saying she needed help with the baby birds. Firefighters made some calls and got the chicks the help they needed.

"They're well hydrated. They're eating nicely. They're picking up food on their own," Jackman said.

Now, it is all about their rehabilitation.

"We want them to go back in the wild so we try not to give them names so we don't get too attached either," she said.

Jackman hopes to release them into the wild in about six weeks.

Project Wildlife has dozens of dedicated volunteers and relies on the generosity of public donations.

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