Fire victims come together for thanks and help

SAN MARCOS, Calif. - There is virtually nothing left of Leona Thomas's house on Hillside Road in Harmony Grove. There is little more than ashes and scorched metal where the house once stood.

Her family did retrieve a few items, such as a ceramic angel. Thomas' daughter, Connie Weatherford, had a box of the items.

"That and the bell out of all the stuff … two things sitting on top of the ashes," she said.

Her brother Danny told 10News that they will continue to search. 

"We're missing her wedding ring," he said. "We got a lot of the jewelry but we're still going to try to find her wedding ring."

The Thomas family was part of a "thank you" gathering at a San Marcos fire station Monday afternoon.

Taylor Belanich was one of the children who wrote notes of thanks to firefighters "for saving San Marcos and other places."

A few miles away and two hours later, there was another gathering of more than a hundred people, needing assistance.

A public information officer offered, "Through Red Cross, they have the ability to seek counseling."

Also available is temporary housing, clothing, quilts, and guidance in recovery and rebuilding.

Gus Hartman's house is still standing, but his family also has needs.

"There's really bad smoke damage. The fire burned the yard and all the structures, my workshop, our storage shed," he said.

The kids lost a few things as well.

Seven-year-old Cole Hartman told 10News, "Basically just my hockey net and I lost my bicycle and that was pretty much it."

Lily Hartman is 6.

"In the storage shed we lost our ornaments for the holidays and I lost my bike, just like Cole," she said.

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