Fire captain appalled to see flag in dumpster

SAN DIEGO - A firefighter stood up for Old Glory.

San Diego-area Fire Captain Witt said she couldn’t believe her eyes Friday morning.

“I walked right by on my way back to my house and I noticed what appeared to be a United States flag in a dumpster,” said Witt, who works in a secure facility and didn’t want to share her first name or location.

Witt retrieved two flags from the dumpster and posted pictures on her Facebook page.

A friend suggested she call 10News and take the flags to the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts ceremoniously destroy flags by burning them, according to U.S. code.

Witt said she was appalled because she expected more respect for the flag.

“It continues to represent for us all that’s hopeful, all the opportunity that we have, and the price that our armed forces have paid for this flag,” she said.

Witt said she didn’t know who threw the flags away but hopes it never happens again.

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